This is our story

The mission of the Dombal-Vogel Foundation is to provide assistance to children under the age of 18 years who are at risk because of socio-economic constraints. Their needs can be of a physical, mental, educational, adaptive or legal nature.

Helen Dombal and Dolores Vogel established the Dombal-Vogel Foundation in memory of their husbands Edward Dombal, a businessman, and Jerome Vogel, M.D., a physician. Both men gave generously of their time and finances to help others in need, primarily children. This Foundation carries forth their care and concern.

We provide funds to an individual child or teen as well as to non-profit programs that serve them. The Foundation also provides financial aid to young adults pursuing their studies in medically related fields such as nursing and health technology. Because Edward Dombal owned a successful water drilling company, Helen sought to honor him by also providing financial aid to those students who would pursue courses in hydrology and water management.

Small changes with a big difference