Grant Request

Grant Requests

The Dombal-Vogel Foundation provides grants to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations and individuals that assist, counsel, educate and comfort children and families. The primary mission of the Dombal-Vogel Foundation is to provide assistance to children under the age of 18 who are at risk because of socio-economic constraints. When submitting a grant application, please follow these guidelines:

Initial Contact

Please use CONTACT US page to submit your grant request and upload supporting documents, or you may mail your grant request to:

Dombal-Vogel Foundation
Joan Geiger, Esq.
54 Grove Street, Suite #2
Somerville, NJ 08876

Provide the following information

For Non-Profit Organizations

A brief description of your organization and program, who founded it, who originally funded it, who runs it, how long it exists and how many families it serves. If program is new, talk about your vision. In addition, please provide the following:

What size grant will you need and when do you need it?

  • What will the funds be used for?
  • Are you currently receiving funding and if so, from whom and how much have your received?
  • Who and how many people do you anticipate helping?
  • Will this grant begin, sustain or expand your program?
  • Tell us about you and your vision for this program and beyond.
  • Please provide a link to your website, if one exists.
  • Please provide primary contact information, address, phone and email and proof of the organization's tax exemption.

For Individual Requests

We only consider hardship grant requests from individuals. The Dombal-Vogel Foundation has a grant request form.

In the subject line: (please include Grant Request and Name of your Organization or your Name). For example, "Grant Request: Dombal-Vogel Foundation".

Secondary Contact

E-mails will be reviewed and if your request for funding is consistent with our mission, you will be contacted to send additional information.