Fresh Air Fund


Remember your first camp experience? Remember laughing and singing camp songs at the top of your lungs? Remember the friends you made splashing around in the water and galloping down the straightaway in a head-to-head relay? Remember what it was like just to be a kid?

Through the Fresh Air Fund Camp programs, the skills learned and relationships fostered at camp are life-changing stepping stones on the road to adulthood. Summer camp enables significant growth in confidence and self-esteem, relationship and friendship skills, and independence and responsibility - and this is no more deeply experienced than among at-risk children. During the summer when school is out and children are left unsupervised and disengaged, camp provides an environment with appropriate boundaries, structure and expectations, and hands-on learning opportunities - the building blocks for a successful life.

The Dombal-Vogel Foundation has been an ongoing supporter of the Fresh Air Fund for many years in helping children to reach their potential in adulthood.